Monday, April 2, 2012

Big day for us!

Well, first thing is first.


If you have stumbled across this blog through Google or through our lovely Facebook, Welcome! Today is a HUGE day for us here at Carly Rae Weddings because this is the first blogspot ever! The lovely team over here felt it was important to let you all in to the daily creative thingys that go on over here!

If you don't know us, you'll quickly discover that we are a bunch of goobers who love all things parties, tea&crumpets, laughing, telling knock-knock jokes, dancing around at 12am, & jumping in giant rain puddles. If you were to sit down with any of us, you would get the same response from all of us - we love family. we love love. we love friends. we love marriage.

Beyond any of our amazing ideas & goofiness, we value making YOU feel at home with us. You, as the bride (or groom) to get the best planning/coordinating/decorating/styling/dance moves at the reception you'll ever ever receive.

Over the course of this blog, you'll see what we're up to, working on, have worked on, & hear our hearts.

Our team is:

Owner & Creative Mind: Carly Rae
Co-Owner & Business Genuis: Billy (my fiance!)
Lovely Intern of All Amazingness: Jordan Wheeler
Marketing & Social Media Smarty Pants Intern: Sneha Joseph
Planning & Logistics Expert Intern: Abby Noble

Over the course of this week, we will be highlighting each of us & I am beyond excited to share.

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