Saturday, April 14, 2012

Beauty Tips for the Modern Bride

On your wedding day you want to look your best. You want to look the most fantastic you’ve ever looked, you want to wow the crowd and make that person standing at the end of the aisle fall madly in love with you all over again.
You also want to look like you.
Well, you’ve come to the right place. Carly Rae Weddings has just the tips for you to look smoking while still looking naturally beautiful.

“This year, I’ve seen a lot of brides with beautiful, natural looking makeup that defines their features without overpowering their face.” Says makeup mogul Bobbi Brown.

This season, bright lips, colored smoky eyes and ultra dewy skin are hot but…“if you’re going to wear any of these beauty trends, just pick one on your wedding day,” advises Bobbi.

Ready to start your wedding day beauty planning? Then here’s your list of must read DO’S and DON’TS to looking smashing on your big day!

**Decide if you are going to have a professional style you on your big day or if you are going to DIY. If you’re brave/talented enough to do it yourself, more power to you!

Either way, one of your most important DO’S is Practice.

Have your wedding day stylist go over your make-up, your hair and your nails before your big day, that way you’ll know exactly what you like and what you don’t and have enough time to make all necessary changes.

DO Keep it Natural

Take Bobbi Brown’s advice, you want to be the most beautiful YOU!

DO Invest in the Right Products

Your wedding day is not necessarily the right time to try something super different. If your stylist has professional products she uses, you’re fine going with those. If you are purchasing your own you should either use products you already know and trust, or talk to your local make up counter/store.

DO take the time, and effort to keep everything in place

If you’re worried about fussing with your bobby pins or hiking up your strapless dress, your day is going to be stressful. Take the time before hand to make sure everything fits, sticks, pins and stays in place for a long love filled day or night.
**Dirty hair is the secret to a long-wearing up do. Clean hair is harder to keep in one place.

DON’T Look too Orange

Many brides are tempted to fake and bake before their big day. Nothing looks worse than a really fake looking orange tan. Go easy on sunless tanners, use sparingly and use many days before to make sure any streakiness or mistake areas are perfectly polished. For your face, go for a light healthy look by using a non orangey bronzer and sweeping it over the parts of your face that normally get the most sun-cheeks, bridge of nose, center of your forehead and the tip of your chin.

DON’T Get Stressed!

Not only will stress make your day much less enjoyable but no body wants to wake up on their day of I Do’s with a big spot on their face. Stress and anxiety can cause greasy skin and unwanted breakouts. Use a very mild/gentle toner after cleansing your skin at night to control some of the effects. If you have oily skin, use peppermint and if your skins more dry, use chamomile.
**On the day of, stash baby wipes in the bathroom to freshen up…workin’ it on the dance floor is bound to break a sweat!

DO Get a good nights sleep

Feeling excited and nervous and unable to sleep is inevitable before your big day so to help you relax try different breathing techniques like resting your hands on your stomach while lying down breathing in gently and counting to ten. When you reach ten, start back at one and repeat. This will keep your mind focused on your breaths instead of everything else going on.

And finally...DO remember that no matter what happens, this day is about two very special people, and no eye shadow or misplaced curl can change that.

It’s your day. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. And nothing can stand in your way!

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